Porcelain Slabs

We love large panel tile mainly because there are less grout lines! That means less grout to clean. The tile is also very thin, which means it can be installed anywhere in your home, inside or outside! With it being such thin material, it also drops in cost and allows for installation to be much faster.

PROS of Porcelain: hygienic (bacteria resistant), strength and practicality does not absorb anything, doesn’t fade, its UV resistant, it is much cheaper especially for showers and walls, you can get matching tile for the floor. NONE of these cross over to tile, fire resistant and freeze resistant

Porcelain Slab Lines We Carry:

Emil Level

We sell the tooling to handle these large panels.

  • Full frame 8-suction cups Easy-Move
  • Solution for safe handling of large format tiles.
  • Adjustable extension and crossbars.
  • Two telescopic bars.
  • Two crossbars
  • Eight (8) suction cups.
  • Stain-free, 7″ vacuum suction cups.
  • Maximum tile length : 10.5ft.
  • Minimum tile length : 6 ft.
  • Safety hooks.

Installing large panels on walls and floors.